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‘Living dangerously in the North Caucasus’

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Editor’s note: Writer Arnold van Bruggen and photographer Rob Hornstra started The Sochi Project in 2009. Their latest book, “The Sochi Project: An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus,” is a summation of the project and published by Aperture. This story published in February 2013.

On the other side of the mountains from the Russian town of Sochi, where the Olympic flame will be lighted, a war is being waged.

From the Caucasus’ impenetrable forests and mountains, Islamist rebels are engaged in a struggle for independence from Russia, with the goal of forming the “Caucasus Emirate.”

The conflict is not confined to the North Caucasus, however. In recent years, attacks on an airport, a theater and the metro in Moscow have resulted in dozens of civilian casualties.

After protests against the Vladimir Putin-Dmitri Medvedev leadership in Moscow in late 2011, the rebel leader Dokku Umarov announced that…

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